The Angle – Week 3


Welcome back to another week of The Angle! Here are all of the gems we have uncovered for you this week.

1. Family of the Year – ‘St. Croix’

Mixing traditional 70s and 80s rock stylings with modern production, Family of the Year are a Los Angeles-based indie band that have been around since 2009. The group’s persona evokes that of Fleetwood Mac and their music doesn’t help to harm that opinion. ‘St. Croix’ is an uplifting and spirited song brought together by the sunny snare and soaring guitar riffs and is a well layered ensemble performance by the band

2. Youth Lagoon ‘Montana’

Youth Lagoon is actually a young man, not from Montana but Idaho. His chillwave vibe is particularly poignant on this track from his album The Year of Hibernation. Starting off with minimalistic piano keys and sparkly synths, the song builds to an epic climax as the track’s atmosphere becomes infused with dramatic drum effects, guitars and Trevor Power’s spacious vocals. The video is also an intense display and fits the mood superbly.

3. Rough Fields ‘The Harbour Wall’

Rough Fields is the performing name of Manchester-based James Birchall, who is providing a diverse collection of nature-anchored folk music. His instrumental work takes in a wide mix of instruments and atmospheric noises, craftily and carefully placed into his music with soft vocals. This spirited haze on ‘The Harbour Wall’ blends beautifully into the background, making it very easy listening indeed.

4. Civil Civic ‘Airspray’

This electronic-trance duo have recently released new album Rules, with ‘Airspray’, one of the tracks from the album, having been around for a while, but now gaining greater exposure. With its emphasis on core rhythms and a strong bassline with rock-filled energy and sharp, high synths, the result is a surprisingly uplifting and catchy hit from the band. Within just one song they appear to cross seamlessly throughout genres, not a feat to be ignored.


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