The Angle – Week 4


Welcome back, for week 4 of The Angle! Continuously bringing you new music as selected across the past week, here are four more tracks for you to sample.

1. New Heights – ‘Take Me On’ (feat. Clara C)

New Heights are a relatively new indie rock band from north-west US. ‘Take Me On’ is a single from their recent album Something to Believe In. It is infused with very catchy hooks, and the soulful vocal interplay between lead singer Travis Graham and Clara C sends a touching message. With some tight drumming arrangements and an ever-present piano, fans of OneRepublic will surely like this new track from the group.

2. Deadbeat Darling – ‘Promises’

‘Promises’ is a track from Brooklyn four-piece Deadbeat Darling which recently got a break after being added to the XFM playlist. With some melodic, tender introductory riffs, the band show off their well-crafted and structured musical style. DD have paid attention to all aspects of their song-making, anchored by clever lyrics and vocal strength. Elements of The Airborne Toxic Event and Honor By August will becoming increasingly evident throughout, hopefully continuing with a scheduled 2012 album release.

3. Foxes – ‘Youth’

Here we have London-based singer Louisa Rose Allen, warming up for her first release on Neon Gold Records ‘Youth’, which is out on January 16th. The underlying dance and synth vibes are overlaid by Allen’s soaring story. With a nice melancholy feel towards the end of the track emanating Gorillaz, this reminds us of a more chilled out Little Boots. Introducing a sublime change up from minimalistic instrumentals to tribal drums indeed presents itself that could be truly massive.

4. Deco Child – ‘Pray’

This is a very interesting track from 22-year-old artist Alex Lloyd. Starting off with subtle and atmospheric chilled-out synths, approaching the spectrum of late-night club music, ‘Pray’ is a very talented musical piece, leeching and crashing into a number of different styles, tempos and genres. The haunting vocal rotations also serve to provide us with a melancholic yet strangely euphoric sound, which is certainly something to look out for.

Contributions from David Gilani, Matt Wimsett, Alex Rogers and David Martin.


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