The Edge’s Top Albums of 2011: #6


Florence and the Machine — Ceremonials

Released 31st October 2011, Island Records

Number 6 on The Edge‘s Top Albums of 2011 list is the second studio album by English indie pop band Florence and the Machine, Ceremonials. Released in October, the album topped the UK Albums Chart and spawned two UK top-40 singles.


  • Included in the top-ten lists of 15% of contributors
  • Of those, 75% ranked the album in their top three
  • Ranked the album of the year by one contributor

Review by Alex Rogers, writer (ranked the album #2):

The most striking thing about Florence and the Machine’s second album Ceremonials is that it sounds so incredibly similar to their first album Lungs. Backed again by her refreshingly wacky collection of harps, bells, strings, and a noise that I would not be surprised to discover to be fairy-dust, Florence Welch reaches eerie corners other musicians flinch at the thought of. She belts out a set of personal yet incredibly catchy and uplifting lyrics, exuding unrivalled strength and confidence. There’s a reason why second single ‘Shake It Out’ has proved so popular among international audiences. Florence has an incredible ability to connect with the listener on a magical journey, regardless of where she is taking them.

Other accolades:

  • Ranked #1 on Q magazine’s “Top 50 Albums of 2011” list
  • Ranked #2 on Time magazine’s “Top 10 Albums of 2011” list
  • Ranked #8 on Billboard magazine’s “10 Best Albums of 2011” list

Florence and the Machine — ‘Shake It Out’:


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