The Angle – Week 10


Double digits, my friends! Hopefully you’ll enjoy this newest edition of The Angle, compiled as always by university students. Check out our group if you want to offer any suggestions yourselves.

1. PAPA – ‘I Am the Lion King’

Here we have a new Californian three-piece immediately producing some warming rhythms. Seeming styled on its own name, “I Am the Lion King” introduces the band’s ability to build a successful afro-pop energy in their music. The single is additionally entwined with some peppy guitar riffs, and brilliantly executed pop melodies by Girls drummer and new vocalist Darren Weiss and band members, which makes for a very uplifting tune. You can download their EP A Good Woman Is Hard to Find, released in late 2011, today.

2. The Whip – ‘Movement’

Manchester based The Whip return to the scene with their newest single ‘Movement’, manufacturing an indie electronic vibe with hints of modern dance-pop thrown in for good measure. Starting off with a sombre and rather striking piano track and building into Bruce Carter’s coarse and dominant lyrics, ‘Movement’ reflects the ambient, lively style of the band. This sounds draws comparisons with Friendly Fires and Fenech Soler, who also successfully pull off similar quasi-dance tracks. Their album Wired Together is out now.

3. All the Young – ‘The Horizon’

The third ‘teaser’ single from their upcoming debut album Welcome Home, ‘The Horizon’ is the latest effort by All the Young to instigate a resurgence in indie rock and roll. The Stoke four-piece, led by brash frontman Ryan Dooley, cry out a set of searching lyrics in their thick Mancunian drawl on top of a fantastic combination of explosive guitar melodies. This is an energetic and thoroughly impressive effort which lives up to their high expectations. The single is due for release on March 26th and is set to be followed by Welcome Home on April 2nd.

4. Young Fathers – ‘Sister’

Relatively unknown three-piece Young Fathers are bringing Scottish hip-hop to the fore, with their own unique soulful blend. The Edinburgh-based group bring us their new single ‘Sister’. Poetic breakdowns combined with an electronic lo-fi sound make for an addictive groove; highlights include the line “Sister let me have some sugar in my porridge oats”. You can stream or download their free mixtape featuring ‘Sister’ here.

Contributions from David Martin, Alex Rogers and Matt Wimsett.


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