The Angle – Week 15


1. Black Light Dinner Party – ‘Gold Chain’

Hailing from New York this group of talented producers have a cumbersome name which doesn’t reflect the free spirit of their three electro-pop songs to date. Although Black Light Dinner Party don’t have an official album or even an EP to speak off, previous tracks ‘Small Boxes’ and’ Older Together’ became mini-sensations on-line last year with fans clamouring for more. ‘Gold Chain’ lays on the varied synth lines confidently and the band are not afraid to make smooth, R&B influenced tunes with an undeniably cool vibe. The potential to enter the scene containing contemporaries Klaxons and Fenech-Soler remains, if only they could publicise themselves better.

2. Man Without Country – ‘Puppets’

Man Without Country is actually a duo from South Wales whose name apparently derives from “a sense of not belonging”. Puppets reflects the distant tone with Man Without Country conjuring up a dreamy, hazy and mysteriously enticing piece of work which builds up to an energetic chorus with surprising anthem credentials. The vocals and buzzing, bass-laden synth beats echo The Pet Shop Boys while the production and wobbly guitar strokes and confined drums draw comparisons with electropop behemoth M83. ‘Puppets’, their second single, was released on April 9th.

3. Vadoinmessico – ‘Teeo’

Vadoinmessico released their debut album Archaeology Of The Future at the beginning of March and have now released ‘Teeo’ as a single from the record. Described by themselves as playing “freak-folk”, each of their songs displays a different genre, with previous single ‘Pepita Queen Of The Animals’ in the same terrain as Vampire Weekend. ‘Teeo’ demonstrates summery indie folk with warm percussion, a simple riff played on a ukelele, and an excellent use of maracas. The 5 piece who reside in London will be playing the Dot To Dot festival in Nottingham, Bristol and Manchester in June.

Contributions from David Martin and Howell Davies


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