The Angle – Week 16


1. Oberhofer – ‘HEART’

This four-piece, fronted by Brad Oberhofer from which the band’s name is obviously derived, have been around for just over a year now, constructing new wave, choral music.  Their latest track ‘HEART’, and the first from their new album, Time Capsules II is a splendid piece of minimalistic, natural pop twinged with quirky xylophone strokes as well as maintaining a pace that keeps you hooked, through drum corps beats and angelic vocals.   Preparing to start a European tour, the emotional messages of Oberhofer will strike a chord with those who enjoy the likes of The Antlers.

2. Summer Heart – ‘I Wanna Go’

Summer Heart, a chillwave Swedish collective, make the type of music that has the uncanny knack of making you yearn for those long summer days from the get go. ‘I Wanna Go’, from the debut album, About A Feeling is a stunning piece of shoegaze inspired pop that is reminisicent of a recent Angle artist, Mozart Parties. With thick rhythms and distorted, beautiful vocals, the band capture your soul and memories through the delicate vibe which provide the perfect soundtrack to a summer bliss.

3. Red Kites – ‘Hold Fast’

Hailing from Guildford, this young group of musicians seemed to have embraced the lush Surrey countryside around them in their début EP, Beat In Time. Red Kites take their influences from the punk rock field, and in ‘Hold Fast’ this is clearly evident through their punchy riffs and deep vocals. However, the band make sure the end result is not just stereotypical teenage angst music. Whilst on the surface one may draw comparisons to Kids in Glass Houses or You Me At Six, this is a mature sound, a rock that has been reigned in, nurtured and developed through the beautiful use of acoustics.

4. Mirel Wagner – ‘Joe’

Mirel Wagner is a 23 year old singer/songwriter, born in Ethiopia but raised in Finland, who can comfortably be placed in the resurging genre of “gloom folk” alongside other new artists like Keaton Henson. New single ‘Joe’ is taken from her self-titled debut album released earlier this year. Accompanied by an acoustic guitar, Wagner’s ominously echoing vocals lament that she is “going to wash her sins away, an angel told me so”. The song is quite depressing, and predictably matched with a video of grainy clips but the track has an alluring appeal which makes me want to hear more from this upcoming talent.

Contributions from David Martin, Alex Rogers and Howell Davies.


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