Five Minutes with The Mystery Jets’ Blaine Harrison


The Edge grabbed Blaine Harrison from The Mystery Jets for a quick chat after their headline set at LeeFest 2012.

So how have you enjoyed your evening here at Leefest 2012?

It’s been a really fun evening –  very inspiring to see a homegrown festival like this developing. It’s the sort of thing I would have liked to do at Lee’s age. The country needs to support small festivals like this! We had such a fun show tonight.

What do The Mystery Jets have planned for this summer?

We’re not actually that busy – we’ve got a festival about every two weeks, so we’re not as busy as we have been in the past. Our record only came out in late May so we were a little late for all the deadlines. But we’re playing at Reading & Leeds and Truck Festival as well as in Venice which will be cool.

Tell us more about your latest album, Radlands, and your future releases.

Our new album really took less than a year to complete. We’re with a small indie band label so there’s not as much exposure and publicity as we’d like but we have an awful lot of control over what we do do, which is a really good thing! We’re aiming to sell out on our next single. Our next album will be along the lines of ‘Baroque Classical’ (Laughs) no, not really. But you can write that down as a joke if you like!

Have you been pretty busy recently?

We’ve just come back from America, where we toured with a larger band, and we’ve been to Japan as well. We were only in LA two days ago, so we’re pretty jetlagged right now!

The Mystery Jets latest album, Radlands, is out now.

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