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Fresh off a tour with Emeli Sandé and currently supporting Aiden Grimshaw, afro-pop artist Seye is set to be huge in the coming year. Signed to Stranger Records, 23 year old Seye from Nigeria now lives in East London. It seems music is in his blood, as he is the brother of Gbenga from Metronomy. I spoke to Seye about his new single ‘Mexicana Bounce,’ his first ever headline show and working with so many big names.

Tell us about your new single, Mexicana Bounce? 

It’s about a couple who ALMOST break up in a Mexican restaurant then last minute they go “screw it, let’s just go out tonight and have fun like we first met” – it’s a pop number with and afro twist that i think is welcome now we are coming to the colder part of the year. I’m chucking some colour and summer into the autumn.

Who are your influences? 

A whole gang of people and things. I play guitar like John Mayer/Amadou (Amadou & Miriam), I sing like Paul Simon, I feel like an actor in a 80s movie, and look nothing like I look like in my head.

Describe your style in 3 words 

Afro, punk, dapper

What was it like touring with Emeli Sandé? 

She is an absolute sweetheart. Nothing Diva ever went down. It was really great, I liked her stuff before but never appreciated it until I saw her live and was blown away. And her hair! Yesh. Pleash.

You’ve also performed with Aiden Grimshaw, Lana Del Ray, Paloma Faith at Glasto, and played guitar for The Noisettes – what’s been the most outstanding moment for you so far? 

Yeah I was Paloma’s guitarist for years, she is a legend. One of the best things was playing Pyramid Stage with her at Glasto 2010. What made that even greater was walking off stage and meeting Slash! Unreal.

What are your dream collaborations? 

What’s so crazy is I just did Damon Albarn’s Africa Express and on the last night in London I got to play on stage with Sir Paul Macartney. That wasn’t even a dream because it was so far out of reach I didn’t even chuck it on the bucket list but that box has been ticked now. I can leave this world a happy, happy man.

You’ll be performing your first ever headline show at MoMo in London on 8th November – what can we expect? 

Ha I don’t know! I haven’t put the show together yet! I am so totally excited I can’t wait. I think you should expect to dance, jump, sing, experience something new and get some afro pop fever (to which there is no cure). Its gunna be great….I hope.

Do you have plans for an album? 

Definitely, it’s gunna be in the new year but wheels are already in motion to get an album out to you. In fact I already know exactly what my next album will be as well. Ever seen a sci-fi film/novel/comic/record set in Africa? Well you will….oh you will…

Mexicana Bounce is available on iTunes, or you can listen on Soundcloud, and Seye will be performing two more London live dates with Aiden Grimshaw – you can find tickets here.



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