“I wanted to express what was on my mind at the time and I wanted something that everyone could relate to as well.” Interview with Kieran Skye


kpicsNew and upcoming artist Kieran Skye tells me a bit about himself and his latest single:

My first question is who’s influenced your music or are there any singers you admire in particular?

All of the great songwriters really, Simon Garfunkel, Pink Floyd, just the sort of people that you’re still listening to today.

The classics really?

Exactly the legends, by listening to them I will take things from their songs and apply it to my own style, and the sort of artists I listen to today are people like Frank Ocean and just good songwriters.

Fair enough, so when did you know you wanted to be a musician or has it always been a dream?

I mean I’ve always sang and played, but it got to the stage when I was about 17 where it came to either going to uni or getting a job and I just started song writing really and it’s been a natural progression from there.

The video I’ve seen on YouTube is ‘Rule the World’, did anything inspire that or were you hoping to get a message across?

Yeah of course, I wanted to express what was on my mind at the time and I wanted something that everyone could relate to as well. Just saying that expression ‘You were made to rule the world’ was quite a powerful message.

I noticed it was about choosing between a relationship and the music.

Yeah, I think that’s something that a lot of people can apply to their own lives, not necessarily music, but you know maybe they would have to move away and have to choose between a relationship or their career.

I noticed in the video, you used two vintage cars, I couldn’t find out what they were…

The one I drive is an American Muscle car, a Dodge Charger and the other one’s a Nissan Figaro.

Also at one point, the girl destroys a guitar as well; were there any bits of the video you guys particularly enjoyed making?

Well just driving in the Muscle car in itself was good because I just got to rag it around my back roads where I live which I don’t normally get to do so that was fun. I mean, the video itself was a steep learning curve because it’s so intense, you know, you’ve got to film the whole music video in like two or three days, so it’s hard in that sense, you’ve basically got to be up before dawn and catch the best light, but there’s always the upside, I got to work with quite a sexy young lady and do some snogging there.

Haha, so was that your first music video then?


Were there any bits that were difficult in making it?

Yeah, mainly just the whole having to be in three separate locations in one day and the early call times, they’d say at the end of the day: ‘right, we want to see you tomorrow before the sun’s up’, you know?

Ah right yeah I can imagine, must be quite rough!

I think a lot of artists, they’re used to only really seeing the afternoon, so a quick learning curve there.

So what are you hoping to achieve over the coming years then?

Just continuing to keep evolving as an artist and a songwriter, keep writing real songs that people can relate to whether they’ve been listening to me from the beginning or are just joining me at a late stage. Obviously, when I get to the stage, hopefully pick up some awards, but you know, I wouldn’t really say that defines me as a person, but more as an artist.

Yeah, I appreciate when the songs actually have more meaning to them and such.

Yeah, you know hopefully if I keep working hard like I have been, the successes will come.

Yeah definitely, so is there anywhere in particular you would like to tour, if you could choose anywhere?

I definitely want to explore my own back garden first, I want to see the whole of the UK, you know? I want to see everywhere.

So, final question, do you have an upcoming album or anymore singles for us to look out for?

Yes, I have two more singles, which I will be filming videos for in the coming months, they’re different in style to the current single, but each one has an equally powerful message, so I’m looking forward to filming the videos for them. Then after they’re done I’m going to be looking to start recording my album towards the end of the year, going into 2014. And then in the summer, I’m going to be touring up and down the country and hopefully getting on a few festivals.

A big thanks to Kieran for taking the time for the interview, if you are interested in finding out more about Kieran, just visit Kieranskyemusic.com


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