‘Our main goal really is to create anthem music, ideally we’d like to fill a stadium’. An interview with Morain at the Cellar (20/04/2013)


During some down-time from their support tour with Canterbury, Morain’s own ambitious Wil Frost talks with the Edge about sleeping in a leaky van and the real reason to be in a band.

So Far, What’s it been like touring with Canterbury and are you looking forward to future dates?

Yesterday was Bournemouth, and the van leaked. We drove all the way down from up north, and it’s a five hour drive, but when we got there it was really good, they seem like really nice guys, and were looking forward to meeting up with them again.

What’s it feel like to be a band on tour and with an EP?                                                      

It’s just cool when stuff progresses; become a band, work on it, put your EP out and we didn’t get any bad press from it, it was really positive. It’s nice to finally say you’re a touring band.

Has it been difficult to get to this point?

I wouldn’t say it’s been difficult, so to speak, it’s just about sticking to it. We’ve been playing music for years, if you’ve always got that end goal, and as long as things keep happening, its interesting. When you see that natural progression, that’s why you like doing it.

What would you say to bands who are struggling to achieve all that you have?

Practice as much as you can, like we’ve practice four or five times a week, most bands pratice once, you just get the best you can be, the more you do it.

You’ve played a lot of gigs within your home city, does it ever feel weird being up on stage in front of any people you know?

They’re the worst gigs, definitely, when you do a new tour and cities with new people, you’re not nervous cause you’re not thinking of their opinion. But when you’re at home and you’ve got all your family and friends it’s like you’ve got to be good, cause when you play music full time, you want your family to think it’s worth it, but when your play crap they say you’re wasting your time.

Do you ever feel like your something other than local boys when you play there?

Good question, we still feel local definitely, I think once we’ve toured it might change. We’ll probably go down better in Manchester, we have more fans there than we do at home. We always feel like Manchester is a bit of a home town as well, so when we want to escape our actual home we go to Manchester.

I’ve read that you told an interviewer you just ‘like to play music you like with the people you like’, so what do you think about those bands who feel pressured to become a celebrity personality over a musician?

Bullshit! (laughs) I know a lot of people who are in bands just to say they’re in a band, they’re not bothered who they play with, what their music is about, they just want to be successful. Which in  a way is fair play, but when you see them like that, and we work our arses off, and they not even good at what they do, yet they still become successful.

Your music has been described as anthem-like, would you agree with that description?

Our main goal really is to create anthem music, it’s like looking into the future, ideally we’d like to fill a stadium and imagine like 60,000 people singing our choruses and that’s how I like to write music.

It’s record store day today, so has there been an album or a particular artist who inspired you to get into music?

Probably Chris Martin from Coldplay, a lot of people hate him, he comes across to me as just a really nice guy who just likes playing music with his friends and that’s what I’m about.

Has there been a favourite album out this year for you yet?

Paramore’s album, it’s completely different from anything else they’ve done before, it’s kind of a bold statement.

Do you have any exciting plans upcoming?

We’ve spent all of today and we have all of tomorrow and Monday actually planning the next two years of the band with management in London. Definitely a couple more like, good support tours, and a new single out in summer so, hopefully progressing and getting bigger.

You can read the live review from Morain’s show at The Cellar in Southampton here.





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