“I’m a big fan of eating steak for breakfast” An Interview with Fenech-Soler


Before their set at Blissfields festival The Edge managed to catch up with Andrew Lindsay from Fenech-Soler to chat about their new single ‘Magnetics’ and the exciting festival season to come.

How has the start of your festival season been?

It’s been great. We’ve spent a while locked up in the studio, so it’s nice to finally get some air! The weather has been kind too except for one tiny pre-show thunderstorm in Khabarovsk in Russia.

You’ve just released your new single ‘Magnetic’, how has it been received?

The response has been really positive. We’ve played it a few times at some recent shows and people seem to recognise it. It’s nice to see them moving their feet to something new.

Briefly explain the writing process of the new album Rituals.

The majority of the album was written and recorded at home, just like the debut but we also took ourselves off to the middle of nowhere at different times throughout the year. We moved our studios to rural Norfolk and Somerset and came up with some decent ideas together. We also had some Additional Production from Tim Goldsworthy and Style Of Eye – it was very valuable to get some outside perspective on our music for the first time.

Was it harder to write than the first one? Because it’s been a few years since you released a record.

It was definitely harder to get started I think, as we were probably all out of the habit of doing our respective jobs after so much time on the road. Once there was a handful of songs that we knew would make it onto the record it got a bit more enjoyable!

Are there any festivals you’re particularly looking forward to this summer?

We’re all looking forward to Reading & Leeds. This will be our first time and it feels like we’ve all waited years to get there. It’s going to be pretty cool to play at Wireless at the Olympic Park too and hopefully make time to watch Jay-Z and JT.

You played Glastonbury festival this year, how was that?

Glastonbury was awesome. Great lineup this year and an excellent atmosphere at both of our shows. Even the camping was bearable. We managed to catch a few bands as well I had to take the gear home on Sunday night but the other boys loved Phoenix!

Are you looking forward to touring in November? It must be exciting
getting to showcase your new material?

We’ve been playing a bit of new material over the summer and it’s been going down rather well but it will be great when people are more familiar with it. The album is out in September so by November the fans should have a decent idea of whether we’re getting it right or not.

What can the crowds at Blissfields expect from your performance?

This is actually our third time at Blissfields and previously it’s been a great festival. Everyone should expect to hear some old stuff, some new stuff and to see us smiling/sweating up there because I hear the sun is going to be out!

Finally, what are your plans for the future? More writing? Focusing on

This time round, we’ll be making sure we keep writing on the road and we’ll try to get some new material out there as soon as possible – so, a bit of both. We should be heading to Europe in the autumn and then getting back over to America which, I personally can’t wait for. I’m a big fan of eating steak for breakfast.

Fenech-Soler’s new single ‘Magnetic’ is out now, you can get it here.


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