“Busking is gorge” – An interview with CoCo and the Butterfields


Emma Miles shares a sunny afternoon in her hometown of Canterbury with band members Micah, Tom, Dulcima and ‘Handsome’ Rob from band, CoCo and the Butterfields.

So here we are in Canterbury, your birthplace as a band. Are you all from here? How did you meet?

Micah: Tom and Dulcima met each other in a pub, they started jamming then they found beatboxer Jamie on the streets as a busker and I took over from double bass and then we met Rob.

Dulcima: We all met basically through music, through busking on the street.

It is so nice you still busk too! 

Tom: We like busking don’t we!

Handsome Rob: Busking is gorge.

And this weekend you are playing at Canterbury’s very own festival Lounge on The Farm how do you feel about that?

Tom: We are excited! We have played lounge every year we have been a band so that’s pretty cool.

Bigger stage this year?

Dulcima: Yes! Main stage.

Can’t get any better than that! so your EP Warriors is now available on Itunes, can we expect a video?

Micah: The video is done! Any day now

Dulcima: It was a film that took a lot of work. Lots of CGI scenes. It’s got a very Lord of The Ringsey feel.

Tom: You will see what we mean. It is like a mini film. 

Did you have a team behind you?

Tom: Nope, just us and a lot of hard work.

Dulcima: There was a cast of about 50

Tom: But yeah, we are very excited because we filmed it in April. 

Good effort! So bit of a standard question but where did your name come from?

Tom: My mum just liked the name Thomas. Sorry I have always wanted someone to ask that. 

Ha! ok, who is CoCo?

Tom: Well, if anyone it’s me but hopefully i’m gonna get a monkey soon and we will call that CoCo. But, yeah Micah and I were at a pub deciding how to make money, and we decided it might be a good idea to become male escorts.


Tom: We invented aliases.

Micah: Aliaie?

Dulcima: Fake names?

Micah: Mine was Darius Rivertone.

Tom: and mine was CoCo Butterfield. I then joined Facebook under a fake name and we did networking for the band under it and it went from there.

Dulcima: So it was derived from a porn star name.

Well I am glad it has a good story.

Handsome Rob: Nothing to do with porn. Classy industry. Noble profession. 

Tom: It is cool though. It’s a fitting name. 

And who inspires you as a band? Who do you all listen to?

Dulcima: We all listen to different stuff. We all bring in separate influences.

Handsome Rob: Err Crazy frog? I listen to lots of Blue Grass and old timey folky stuff and lots of jazz. A big Dollop of Jazz. Oh and also psychedelic sorts but mainly to the band I bring the Blue Grass and the Banjo.

Tom: I like Damien Rice and Jason Mraz.

Micah: 90s pop? You are such a main streamer. I’m more into Rock and Classical stuff. 

Dulcima: An eclectic mix.

Well the mix is working for you so far. 

Tom: Yeah, we don’t aim for a certain sound at all we just go with what sounds nice. 

Tom: Can I tell you what I would do in a Zombie attack?

Let’s go for it, what would you all do in a Zombie attack? 

Tom: My weapon of choice would be a treadmill. I would put the treadmill out in front of the zombie.

Micah: Surround yourself with treadmills that is the best idea. Best answer anyone has ever given.

Tom: Thank you.

I am not sure I get it you know…

Dulcima: So you have got lots of treadmills around you, turn them all on and they would never be able to get to you. 

Sounds good to me. 

everyone laughs

CoCo and the Butterfields’ EP Warriors is available for download on iTunes now. A preview of the video can be seen below.


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