‘Jamie [Oliver] came over and refused’: An Interview with Brightlight City


At The Big Feastival, I managed to grab up-and-comers Brightlight City literally as they walked off the Bandstand stage. The band were part of a competition to play on the main stage at the festival but unfortunately came second. Luckily for us, Jamie Oliver decided that they should play anyway, on the Bandstand, and they put on quite the show (especially for 11:30am in the morning!). This is what frontman Jamie Giarraputo had to say:

How did you find your set? You’ve literally just come off stage!

Jamie: Yeah it was good, we didn’t expect to play a full electric set, we were supposed to be playing an acoustic set! Jamie [Oliver] came over and refused and said ‘no you’re not playing acoustic you’re gunna play electric’ so it was kind of last minute rush but think it went down okay. Think it was good, everybody seemed to enjoy it.

When did you find out you were playing the big Feastival, as obviously it’s quite a new  festival?

Yeah, it was a competition he [Jamie Oliver] ran called Summer Jam and there was 1000 bands, and the top 3 bands were picked to battle it out through an online voting system, unfortunately we came second but we still kinda gained a slot here. The band who won it are playing on the mainstage, we got two slots here [the bandstand]which is still quite cool. Awesome opportunity for us

So have you been touring this summer, doing festivals?

We’ve been in the studio. We’ve been recording our new EP, just getting released in October. Getting a bit of PR behind it, a big push for the EP.  Then we’re gigging and touring in October. It’s been a relaxing summer in the sense that it was spent stuck inside a darkened room recording!

So what’s the EP called? Tell me a bit about it.

It’s called ‘Get In, Get Out, Don’t Look Back’. And yeah, it’s a four track EP which follows the themes kinda right through, so this one’s to do with time basically.

So last question, obviously this is a food festival, and there’s been a lot of hype around Alex James’ new cheese, so what is your favourite kind of cheese?

My favourite kind of cheese would have to be…

[band mate chimes in]80’s music.

Jamie: Haha no, I like gorgonzola.

Classic choice, thank you very much!


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