An interview with TOWIE’s Sam and Billie: the Kardashians of Essex (03/10/13)


After fussing for hours about what colour we should paint our nails, how we should do our hair, and whether we should wear fake eyelashes or not, my sister and I went to meet two other sisters, the most famous (and fashion conscious) in the whole of Essex: Sam and Billie Faiers. While a little pop-up shop of their very own ‘Minnie’s Boutique’ throbbed in the middle of West Quay shopping centre, we went to meet the girls from ITV2’s hit series The Only Way is Essex.

Minnie’s Boutique is already really busy! Have you sold lots and met loads of adoring fans today?

Sam: Yeah it’s been going really well so far! We’ve only just got here as we’ve been doing a photoshoot in London this morning, but it’s been so busy. We’re really excited, I think it’s going to go really well for us.

It’s funny because on the show, everyone seems to have a shop now! Lucy has Lucy’s Boutique, Lydia has Bella Sorella, Joey has Fusey. But you two did it first! Is there much competition between you all?

Billie: There’s not much competition between us because we all know what our different styles are, we don’t sell the same brands. Obviously me and Samantha are really flattered because we were the first to do it so everyone’s followed in our footsteps! But we try to make sure we don’t sell the same stuff so there’s no competition or rivalry.

Like you just said you and Sam work together, you used to live together and you spend all your time with each other, do you ever argue?

Billie: When we lived together we used to argue all the time! But now we live on our own we don’t argue as much.  

em elz sam and billieWhat do you argue about?

Billie: CLOTHES. When new stock comes in, if me and Sam want the same dress we’ll always bicker about it and then have to come to some sort of agreement of who’s going to wear it first. So when we argue it’s mainly about clothes!

So you’ve just got back from filming in Las Vegas, how was it?

Sam: AMAZING! It was so good but we only got back yesterday afternoon, we’re so jetlagged! But it was brilliant, really worth going.

It’s the tenth series of TOWIE now, have you thought about the future? There are rumours you’ve filmed a pilot for a sister show?

Billie: It’s all just rumours at the moment, but if we were to leave TOWIE we’d love to do that sort of thing. Sam and I would love to have our own show like the Kardashians! But who knows for future?!

We’re going to play a sisters’ quiz with you now, a bit like Mr & Mrs but a sisters version! Did Billie have a favourite cuddly toy when she was little?

Sam: No but she used to cut all my Barbies’ hair off!

How old was Sam when she bought her first thong?

Billie: Ooooh I reckon you were about 11? And it was definitely from Tammy Girl. It wasn’t a string thong like we wear now but one of those proper thick ones hahahaha.

Who was Billie’s first kiss?

Sam: Wayne! This boy called Wayne in primary school.

Billie: But it was a fake snog like when you just kiss your hand, not a real kiss!

What’s Sam’s most annoying habit?

Billie: Oooh what is her annoying habit… Oh I know – FARTING.

Haha that brings me onto my final question, who is the most disgusting out of the two of you?

Billie: Probably me, I burp a lot. And I occasionally pick my nose…  

Sam: yeah she does that a lot hahaha.

Catch Sam and Billie in the hit series The Only Way is Essex, starting on Sunday 6th October with a one hour special The Only Way is Vegas at 10pm on ITV2.


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