The 5 best lipdubs ever made


SUSUtv will be filming its infamous annual elections lipdub this Sunday (23rd February), so we thought it would be the perfect time to trawl the net for some of the best lipdubs around, to give you a flavour of what to do in, or what to expect from, the 2014 SUSUtv lipdub! If you’re not familiar with the term, a lipdub is a video where people are filmed lip syncing to a song, with the audio then dubbed over the top. Generally it involves a lot of other crazy stuff too though, as the videos below show…

1. L’Université du Québec à Montréal – ‘I Gotta Feeling’

It was this single video which truly launched the idea of a lipdub to the masses. Yes their lip syncing is truly horrendous all the way through, but it’s pretty good for a first attempt, featuring 172 students and amassing over 10 million YouTube views.

2. SUSU Elections Lipdub 2013 – ‘Call Me Maybe’

Last year was SUSUtv‘s fourth elections lipdub, and it was as chaotic as ever. To the tune of 2012’s smash summer anthem ‘Call Me Maybe’, it features topless sabbs, Twister, balloons, drag, shots and a three and a half minute race around SUSU.

3. Lip Dub Lincoln – ‘Shine’ and ‘Never Forget’

Apologies to subjecting anyone to nine minutes of Take That, but this city-wide lipdub is worth watching purely because of the scale. Pay special attention to the mayoral groupies at 2:39, the women who just can’t keep up at 5:28 and the not-so-illuminated Olympic torch at 7:40.

4. Lakewood High School – ‘Roar’

This American high school went all out with their tiger-themed lip dub. Black and orange stripes span the entire video, as hundreds and hundreds of students jump and sing in this huge lipdub. Also, this is basically the perfect song for it. Amazing.

5. The Grand Rapids – ‘American Pie’

Instead of just jumping about and having a great time, this lipdub has more of a sentimental message. After Grand Rapids in Michigan was named tenth on’s list of ‘dying cities’ in America, the population hit back. 5000 residents appear in the video in an effort to show that Grand Rapids is still very much alive and well.

If you want to get involved in SUSUtv’s lipdub – which will be done to the song ‘Best Song Ever’ by One Direction – all of the details are available here. The premiere of the 2014 SUSUtv lipdub will be at the beginning of the channel’s coverage of Elections Night Live on Friday 28th February.


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