Introducing: Darlia


Hailing from Blackpool, but now based in Manchester are grunge three-piece Darlia, who come to Southampton on 29th April.

The band, made up of Natan Day [vocals/guitar], Dave Williams [bass]and Jack Bentham [drums]are reminiscent of Nirvana, and so it’s not a great surprise that they’ve been causing a great deal of excitement since the release of their debut EP Knock Knock and lead single ‘Queen of Hearts’ back in October.

In interviews, frontman Natan recounts the tale of how the band met, with himself and Jack playing guitar and drums back in their school years. Natan met bassist Dave when they were both working as cleaners in a school, using walkie-talkies to meet up and hiding their instruments in bin bags in order to get them out of the school to get to their soundcheck at various gigs.

With their heavy guitar riffs and thrashing drum beats layered with aggressive vocals, Darlia is a band to look out for in 2014 and one you don’t want to miss live. The band has a solid reputation playing live, having been on tour with The 1975 and The Family Rain in 2013. They are now gearing up to play four UK dates before the release of new EP Candyman and a summer of various festival appearances.

Darlia’s Knock Knock EP is available to listen to on their Soundcloud.

Darlia play at Unit on Saturday 29th March. Advance tickets are available here.


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