Grad Ball 2014: Where is Antony Costa?


Last Monday held host to the breaking announcement that not one, not two… well yes two members of the hit UK band Blue are set to DJ at the upcoming Graduation Ball. The Edge broke the news that Duncan James and Simon Webbe will both perform together in the Disco Room alongside their line-up equals who include: Ella Eyre, Gorgon City and a Mexican band that featured in a popular triangular crisp’s advert.

This is all obviously terrific, but why only two members of Blue? Where is Lee Ryan? Most importantly, where is King Antony Costa?

Lee Ryan recently starred in Celebrity Big Brother, the house that has hosted previous pop star legends such as Pete Burns, S Club 7’s Jo O’Meara, and Maggot from Goldie Lookin’ Chain. Lee apparently had a very newsworthy time in the house – I say apparently because I didn’t watch it, but host Emma Willis (who must’ve watched it?) recently told the Daily Star Sunday that “He should’ve known better.” Lee followed up his rousing success of finishing 7th in the house by getting arrested for drink-driving and being fined £120 for soiling his cell. The Evening Standard reported that when asked why he had urinated around his cell Mr. Ryan replied “I didn’t realise there was a toilet here.

Fair enough, but what of Antony? Antony is everybody’s favourite member of Blue: he’s the Scrappy to your Scooby, the hot air to your balloon, and the Richard to your Judy.

Forever the man in the background, Antony deserves more respect. In short, Antony deserves to be on the Grad Ball line-up. When speaking to the notorious Somerset County Gazette back in January about Blue’s latest album, Antony explained “when we did this album a lot of producers gave me a chance, which was nice, It’s never really happened before for me.” If producers are now even giving Antony a chance, why not a students’ union?

Antony to me is the Pope of the entertainment business, he is the link between the common man and the omniscients of this world – such as Natasha Bedingfield.

I speak for the general public in hoping that soon someone will book Antony alongside Duncan (and the recently bankrupt Simon Webbe), as otherwise he’s left behind in squalor with Lee Ryan and his urine filled prison cell. Between a drunk and two bankrupts (Duncan also filed for bankruptcy in 2013), Antony is the white knight that Blue needs. Although he did once urinate at a cash machine.

Many (mainly myself and Antony’s agent, probably) hope there’s a Costa shaped surprise at Oceana come 9th June, as calls for a “Get Costa on the Roster” petition gain momentum. #TeamCostaRoster.

I’ll leave you with a telling quote from Blue’s hit ‘One Love’. “It’s kinda funny how life can change, can flip 180 in a matter of days.” I recommend listening below and then pausing, reflecting, and finally hoping that inside of all of us is a Students Union Grad Ball line-up featuring one Antony Costa.

You can check out the whole line up for the Graduation Ball 2014, here.


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