Introducing: Greys


With the current proliferation of bold, brash, instant-gratification punk going about, the prevailing question for these kind of acts is how might one stand out.

For Toronto natives Greys, the answer is simple. Be bolder and brasher than the lot of them. The result is a concoction of detuned guitars, swaggering vocals and flurries of swirling, screeching cacophony. Unperturbed by the parameters of tunefulness, the band take the party-noise template set by the likes of FIDLAR, Wavves, DZ Deathrays, etc. and extrapolate it to the point of captivating erraticism. Proper flail-your-limbs-everywhere, hit-your-friend-over-the-head-with-a-radiator fun.

Greys support Death from Above 1979 on their upcoming UK tour.


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