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Chasing Grace is a new band with a phenomenal unique sound celebrated by their debut album which is hand on heart brilliant throughout. Their attitude and music is 5 star.

Chasing Grace released their first singles in late 2014 and were a refreshing mix of sounds like Imagine Dragons and Mumford and Sons.  Clearly it was a perfect conception when this band formed in 2011. Originally spotted in their school talent show they are slowly weaving their way through the charts, they have almost made their own genre.

I recently went to their album release celebration gig on the 5th of February at the Blackjack, Queen of Hoxton, London. I have to say they are a rare gem in the music industry. They have a clear identity and sound, with electric energy on stage. While they spent the last 2 years skirting around YouTube they have released their first album.

This debut album form Chasing Grace reflects their flawless talent, while many debuts feel rushed as if the artists have been asked to create songs quickly to fill the song list in the reverse, the Chasing Grace album could not be further from that. Having taken 2 years to complete it, the songs and genuine and well supported by a quality recording and finish. They have taken to time to 10306632_803631249659878_3624127485935806521_npolish this stone to make it shine. Although the band have a unique sound and identity, their songs are not monotonous or too similar, they all get your feet tapping and have a sound that eclipses the whole room, you happily drown it its beautiful composition.  With a good versatility of tempo, sound and melody in the album they still retain their style which is all too often a difficult balance to achieve.

The combination of female and male vocalists, with a high energy sound you want to clap and chant to is truly brilliant. The female vocal is delivered perfectly by Grace. She has a low velvet voice which seems to have an endless depth especially in live performances. The male vocal by lead guitarist Phil has a higher tone which complements her voice, neither one dominating the stage, they fit perfectly together. In fact the whole band is a well gelled performance with a true cohesion. This is unfortunately  lacking in many modern bands which sees vocalists trying to outdo each other for example. Chasing Grace therefore is refreshing! Although the other Phil (Guitar) and Matt (Drums) are not in the spotlight as much they are not cast aside during the performance.  The band create a gig experience which whole heatedly involved the crowd, I found I was just mesmerised by this young band. Just epic!

The best tracks both live and on the album are ‘Hercules’, ‘Run’  and ‘Can’t Believe’ the last, I can honestly say caused me to  I wipe a tear away during the gig.  ‘Even If I Could’ on the album is a gorgeous mix of whisper, volume and energy, its just perfect.

The most valuable gift from Chasing Grace has to be their attitude, I met the band after the gig and was touched at their genuine appreciation at my comments and although they are clearly talented they remain humble and not consumed by the rock star mind-set.

This album deserves a 5/5 rating, not an award I often give any album or band. They will remain at the top of my list for a long time. It will have to take something phenomenal to knock them off that pedestal. Truly brilliant.

Their debut album ‘Nowhere Near Old Enough’ is available on their Facebook  or website.

Check out their track ‘Run’ here:





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