Introducing: Happyness


The melancholic slacker rock trio, Happyness, made their way onto NME’s Best New Comer’s list in 2014 and are crashing into the new year with their first single, ‘A Whole New Shape’, set for release on March 30th. NME describes them as “an ode to adolescence and all the stupid, lust-driven boasts, brags, mistakes and regrets those hideously awkward years entail”, a description that couldn’t be more accurate.

Happyness exude breezy guitar vibes and breathy vocals to create a love affair of chilled indie pop and grunge. The lush feeling their sound brings is juxtaposed by hilariously manic lyrics such as “I’m the motherfucking birthday boy/Don’t steal my thunder, baby Jesus,” on ‘Baby, Jesus (Jelly Boy)’. Somehow, they manage to couple a humid audio with satirical verses, and make it work. Their self titled EP, released in 2014, leaves you longing for a long summer afternoon in the park and a fruit cider.

Following a headline slot at Birthdays on Feb 4th, as part of the NME Awards Shows, Happyness hit the road with Slow Club and Jaws through the rest of February into March. Their future looks bright as they travel to the US to tour this year, and here at The Edge we’ll definitely be keeping our eye on them.


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