Things that should be banned at festivals: the artist’s edit


With festivals across the globe banning selfie sticks, and Truck Festival in Oxford banning Katie Hopkins, The Edge team created our list of what should be banned from festivals in a dream world, featuring iPads, ‘LADs’ and acoustic guitars. Not simply satisfied with just our team’s responses, we asked the artists playing festivals themselves what they would ban; here were their responses.

Years & Years
Emre Türkmen: “Katie Hopkins is a good one. Maybe the Daily Mail?”
Olly Alexander: “Yeah, Daily Mail aren’t allowed”
Emre: “Nigel Farage? People get really pissed of about the iPhone thing but I don’t mind it, I don’t see what the big deal is!”
Olly: “Selfie sticks get in your face so they’re a bit annoying”
Emre: “Maybe those Vuvuzelas?”
Olly: “They got banned ages ago!”

Lucy Rose: “Portaloos. I think we should all have nice toilets. Just spend the extra cost and it’s so much nicer.”

Rae Morris: “I’d ban those flowers that people put in their hair! I know that’s really terrible, I’m not a fan, sorry! Maybe if it’s real flowers, but it’s just the plastic ones. Sorry, that’s a really snobby thing to ban. Maybe there should be a festival where nobody takes their phones, because as much as I rely on it would be so much better if we weren’t taking pictures of the gigs.”

Fatboy Slim: “Very interesting question…I’m trying to think of a witty answer!” [as prompted by tour manager]“Generators that don’t work! Nah there’s not really [anything he’d ban]– the whole point of a festival is anything goes. I mean I think everybody holding up their camera phone and filming you all the way through should be banned. I think there should be something where you can only film for a minute, but people who just stand there for the whole gig, why not just enjoy the gig instead of filming it?! But nah that’s not really [anything he’d ban], I’m up for any kind of stupid behaviour.”

The Bohicas: “Dreadlocks on white guys,” “People peeing in cups and throwing them” “Mud; but I guess you can’t really band that at a festival!”

Darwin Deez
Darwin: “Don’t throw a full beer towards the stage”
Michelle: “Unless it’s closed”
Darwin: “No, if it’s closed you can pass it up, better not throw it. I always like to say no slam dancing, but I don’t know what that is.”


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