“You’ll always see me walking around with a stick of ginger poking out of my back pocket”: Interview with Mikey Chapman from Mallory Knox


After first seeing Mallory Knox play three years ago at a small venue in Guildford, I have been a superfan ever since – so much so that when they were first played on BBC Radio 1, I may have gone a little mad with excitement! It was therefore an absolute honour and privilege to get to speak to the band’s frontman Mikey Chapman on Thursday for The Edge. The band has recently toured America as part of the Vans Warped Tour and the boys are about to embark on their latest UK headline tour.

Mikey gave me a call in between rehearsals for their Homecoming Tour.

To kick off, tell me about touring America – how was it?

Fantastic! It wasn’t what we were expecting. The best time we had was in Arkansas; we hired boats on a lake and chilled drinking beers.

What are your tour essentials? Not like toothpaste though, that’s dull…

Haha, honey and a stick of ginger for my voice. You’ll always see me walking around with a stick of ginger poking out of my back pocket.

You don’t have a lucky teddy or anything?

Haha, no I don’t!

What is the best gig you’ve ever played?

It would have to be Reading and Leeds Festivals. The crowds are huge and the atmosphere is so different, it was a bit scary but insane.

On your upcoming tour where are you most looking forward to playing?

The Roundhouse in London – it is going to be our biggest ever headline show.

I will definitely be getting tickets for that! You’re not coming back to Southampton this time, are you?

Not on this tour, no. But I do have family there!

Who would you most like to collaborate with?

A friend of mine, she has a really great voice, I should probably get in touch with her about that…

What is your favourite song to play?

My favourite song to sing would have to be one of the ones that haven’t been released actually. It is really good for my voice, it’s in the right pitch for me so its comfortable to sing.

Is there a song you get fed up of playing?

The boys get a bit fed up of ‘Oceans’ because we’ve been playing it since 2009.

Oh no that’s my favourite!

Oh sorry!

You’ve ruined it for me… Ok now I’ve got some quick questions for us to get to know you some more… Star Wars or Lord of the Rings?

Oh both, they’re equally great I love them both.

Star Wars would have been the correct answer there…

Haha, oh really you like it?

Yeah I’ve got a Death Star tattoo on my back.

Oh wow, that’s cool, you’ve gone up in my estimations.

Moving on – tattoos or piercings?


Are you a morning person?


Tea or coffee?


Right answer – you’re doing well so far. Eat out or eat in?

Eat in when its done right.


Well eating in with mates is okay, but not a microwave meal by yourself…

What is your favourite alcoholic drink?

Whisky and ginger – don’t take the mick.

Who would you most like to have a beer with?

My granddad.

Aw that’s cute! For the chicks, which ones of you are single?

Haha, I’m afraid we’re all spoken for, but that could change!

Last question that has just come to me, do you think it is weird when people go mad over your sweaty towels when you throw them into the crowd?

Yeah, it is quite gross…

Glad you agree, I caught one when you played Takedown Festival and some chick grabbed it so I let her have it!

Oh god, I feel sorry for whoever grabbed my towel! I was seriously jetlagged and didn’t have time to shower. Whoever got it should throw it away!

For more information about their tour, or tickets for their gig at the Roundhouse follow this link.


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