Spectre Speculation: What To Expect From Bond’s Latest Adventure


It may have been a rather long wait, but the latest 007 adventure is finally very much on the doorstep, and it certainly looks to be another giant leap in a new direction for Bond. Sam Mendes’s dramatic rejigging of the world in 2012’s Skyfall definitely put the character on a new path, and with Mendes returning for this year’s Spectre, one can expect such things to continue. Here are a few things to expect from the new Bond adventure when it finally lands on October 26th.

One of the Best Villains Yet

Like him or loathe him, Christoph Waltz was born to play a Bond villain; everything from his vicious grin to that ridiculously detailed annunciation screamed potential adversary, and now we finally have our wish. And with fan-favourite criminal enterprise Spectre finally making its grand return to the series – supposedly headed up by Waltz’s Oberhauser – there are high-hopes for a new iconic nemesis to rival the likes of even classic Connery-era Blofeld.

Return of the Badass Henchman

To go alongside such a big-time villain you obviously need a memorable accomplice. Goldfinger had Oddjob, Hugo Drax had Jaws and now Oberhauser (supposedly) has the towering behemoth Mr Hinx, as played by Guardians of the Galaxy’s scene-stealing Dave Bautista. It’s been a while since a Bond nemesis had an equally imposing henchman, but now it seems they’re back, and more burly than ever.

Gadgets Galore

For the first time since Ben Whishaw joined the scene, it looks as if we might well get a glimpse inside Q’s lair, which is ridiculously exciting for Bond fans of all varieties, as that can mean one thing and one thing only – gadgets, and lots of them. Even the latest car, another Aston Martin for the ages, seems to kitted out with all the appropriate bells and whistles, making it seem as if Spectre might well be a new take on that classic Bond formula that’s been lost in more recent efforts.

The Beginning of the End

Despite a great deal of talk over who will be replacing him, current star Daniel Craig actually still has at least one more Bond adventure left in his contract. Considering his age and no doubt his building disdain for the franchise however, it’s likely that Spectre’s sequel will be Craig’s last, and so it seems to make sense that Spectre will form the groundwork – possibly the first in a two-part story – for what will eventually be the current Bond’s grand finale. How this will be set-up is still anybody’s guess, but it seems a safe bet that Waltz will play a big part in the proceedings.

Spectre hits cinemas tomorrow, October 26th, via Eon Productions.


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