The Edge’s Advent Calendar: For Folk’s Sake, It’s Christmas


We like to trot out the same classic tunes during the festive period every year. But weather you have a penchant for Wizzard or Slade, Elton John or BandAid – here’s a little something different enough to be interesting, while still staying true to your favourite songs of the season.

For Folk’s Sake, It’s Christmas are a series of compliation albums; co-ordinated by music group For Folk’s Sake, for four years running they brought together a wide range of indie acoustic for a special purpose. This acoustic Avengers, if you will, varied album to album and so year to year. But each one featured a variety of big indie or small mainstream names, lending their hands to toned down and off-beat covers of classic Christmas tunes, as well as some new original tracks.

For fans of the truly classic, you might enjoy Feldspars’ keyboard heavy treatment of ‘In The Bleak Midwinter‘, that features occasional simmering drums across the high vocals, or Josienne Clarke’s ‘Silent Night‘ accompanied by a single acoustic guitar.

For something new, instead, I recommend something entirely original for your Christmas listening. Personal favourites include Tom Williams’ ‘Christmas (So Much Better When You’re Here)‘, which is more a seasonal love-song than any else. I also really enjoy ‘I Am Christmas‘, by Laura Hocking, which tells the story of a girl who slept all the way through Christmas but insists it can’t have happened without her and all it’s family traditions and rigours. It has this rhythm and lilt to it that reminds me of a traditional folk song, or a sea shanty; it’s a fantastic listen.

All four albums, from 2010 to 2014, are available to listen and download on Bandcamp; with all profits going to charity. Check out my picks above, or explore the whole collection for something Christmas-y but very, very cool.


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