The six best YouTube music channels that you have never heard of


For fans of The Edge‘s Introducing articles, here are up and coming performers even more out there; from deep within the bowels of the internet. Modern media is making it ever easier for new composers, singer-songerwriters, music mixers and DJs to get off the ground and get themselves a crowd.

That said, making this list proved to be a challenge thanks to VEVO making unwelcome appearances after every search term that included the word ‘music’. Hours spent sifting through the commercial music channels that the site has to offer was ultimately worth the time in the hunt to find origniality. These channels were chosen for their passion, ingenuity and entertainment in their relation the the internet’s vast music community.


SquidPhysics – Ben Morfitt by name – is a one-man band who seems to be able to play every single instrument in the world, showing off his ability in his covers of intricate theme songs in a sizeable orchestra.

He keeps it brief, too. Usually lasting around 2-3 minutes, he uses every second of video to showcase his remarkable talent for performing and editing music, whilst keeping the viewer hooked throughout.



Splintered from WFUV, a New York based radio station, thealternateside907 showcases live recordings from the station of artists in remarkable audio quality. The studio sound can undoubtedly rival other, more well known, live session studios such as Radio One’s Live Lounge and KEXP.

Unfortunately, it has been two years since the channel has released any music – but there is still an abundance of content on offer that is still as impressive today as the day it was released.


Oleg Berg

Along with his daughter, this Ukrainian musician takes popular songs and transcribes them into minor or major keys. Whilst the songs are mainly poor in sound quality due to the severe manipulation they have undertaken, they undoubtedly give new life into their meaning. Like a good cover would, they spin a new interpretation onto the track.

Take ‘Every Breath You Take,’ harmonised into a minor key. You’ll have trouble doubting the stalker-esque meaning of this song once you hear it in its minor from.


Dead End Hip Hop

Dead End Hip Hop is simply a group of friends who talk about hip hop music. The group, hailing from the US review hip hop albums and discuss news relating to hip hop music like they’re having a discussion at a pub. They do it so well that when watching you’ll almost feel like you’re eavesdropping on their private conversation.

For those who are sick of hearing the words, “Anthony Fantano here, the internet’s busiest music nerd” Dead End Hip-Hop breaths fresh life into music reviews. Whilst they’re not as complex and dependant on vast theoretical music knowledge such as theneedledrop, they converse about music in the most down to earth manner, free from scripts. It’s accessible, understandable, and invigorating.


Velocities In Music

If Dead End Hip-Hop doesn’t cover your preferred genre of music and if theneedledrop just isn’t nerdy enough then look no further for the most passionate music reviews on YouTube. Friends Jake Jackson and Tom Hummer argue that “music reviewers have lost touch with music,” and so they have made it their mission to reinvigorate the internet’s music reviewing community by letting their genuine devotion for critical music analysis shine through in unrehearsed videos. It’s why they get up in the morning, and it’s a joy to listen to.



Sandurz is, quite possibly, one of the most underrated YouTube channels in existence. From Austin, Texas, Sandurz is a producer who covers all aspects of hip-hop. He knows the genre and tracks inside out plus, most notably, how they are made.

His most well known series, Beat Breakdown, looks at some of the most famous tracks of the genre and produces them from scratch by recreating each individual element starting with locating the samples. He explains the construction of the song effortlessly and will have you questioning whether he ghost-produced the tracks he is recreating. From ‘Juicy’ by Notorious B.I.G, to more recent tracks such as ‘Hotline Bling’, Sandurz covers the whole spectrum of mainstream hip-hop.





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