US Election Special: Why No.6 should be President of the United States (with Danny Wilde as his running mate)


As the presidential race in the U.S. has nearly come to its end, strange minds might wonder who would be their best fictional presidential team. This choice was a hard one to make but finally a weird and retro association bloomed into a fantastic dream…

He has no name, but he is a free man… No. 6 from the TV series The Prisoner would be, in my humble opinion, a fantastic president. Indeed, who could rule an eclectic population better than the man who an allegory for individualism? This guy will not take people as divided into subgroups, he would see each of them as having their own personality and needs that differ from one person to the next. He is definitely one charismatic leader and has a great sense of morality and ethics. Even when he does not want to be the man in charge, people want to vote for him as shown in the fourth episode of the show, ‘ Free For All’. In the end, all he wanted was to free all the villagers, even if he had to become what he hates most to succeed.

Some will argue that No. 6 is not a mentally stable person, but who would be after spending that much time in a village where everyone is named after a number, where your every move is watched, and where there is a giant and weird bubble following you when you reach the village’s border. I think this experience will actually be beneficial to him in his presidential role. People can be sure he will fight for freedom, for equality, for justice and that he will stand against those who want to oppress individuals and who want them to match a certain kind of label. Also, in the TV show No. 6 clearly demonstrates his ability to fight for what he believes being right against various other rulers. Thus, the opposition under his mandate better be prepared for some serious resistance.

Although, it is true that the man is not famous for his shiny mood or optimistic talk. Plus, being physically represented by Patrick McGoohan can be a little bit intimidating. He is not a man easy to like. This is why he would have to team up with the perfect smooth talking running mate. And who would be better for this position than the brilliant and witty Danny Wilde from The Persuaders! He will obviously help No. 6 in his weak spots while bringing along his charming smile. Danny would gather the votes of the conventional people satisfied with the current world, more willing to keep things as they use to be, and too afraid of No. 6’s thirst of freedom. He is optimistic, a perfect gentleman and he loves to talk, even to say nothing meaningful. He would be the Peeta to No. 6’s Katniss Everdeen.

Also, Wilde is a genius in finance and economy, having built his wealth by investing in Wall Street, poker (yes he helps reduce Nevada’s debt to the US government), and oil (although I’m sure that Danny would have switched for green energies by now). On an international level, those two would have a great impact on other nations : No. 6 by his charismatic coldness and impartiality whereas Wilde would stand out by his conviviality and American je ne sais quoi. Finally, I know that they will fight for minorities and women’s rights, as our presidential candidates have shown that they will defend equality no matter what in their respective TV series.

Those two would definitely be the perfect team, filling each other weaknesses by imposing themselves with their strengths. Getting into the White House is a big challenge but these men are capable of exceeding every single expectation. They will do what they promise. And if not, No. 6 is not a hypocrite enough as to run another mandate in case of failure, while Danny will make America great again with a well-placed smile and his devastating sense of humour.


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