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At only 21 years old it is already apparent that, Laura Nox, a Swedish talent with a penchant for meaningful lyrics and a haunting sound, is sure to go far in music. Her debut single is a passionate rallying cry in a time of great political uncertainty that resonates with each and every listener as it calls for compassion and empathy for outsiders and victims of conflict.

This newcomer Nox was raised in Malmö and got her musical start performing in bands from the age of 17 before making the decision to branch out as a solo artist. Yet she casts an enigmatic figure, choosing to remain out of the public eye following the release of her single. She barely even appears at all in her debut music video, letting its meaningful message speak for her instead.

Nox credits British influences in her music, such as the likes of Depeche Mode, which you can hear in their stylistic similarities, but she makes it her own in her newly released debut single, ‘Save A Little Love’. She is clearly set apart as an artist to definitely watch. With politically poignant lyrics, and a video that centres on the current refugee crisis and the way it has been largely ignored and disregarded, her ballad rightfully refocuses attention with its dark and synth-heavy sound.

Her clear and emotionally wrenching lyrics are also worthy of focus as, whilst they are incredibly catchy, their deeper meaning is never forgotten as she repeatedly asks listeners, “Who can be a fighter when fear is getting stronger?”. This sentiment only becomes more harrowing when you watch the shadowy and intense music video that puts a face to the refugee crisis, in a manner reminiscent of Band Aid. You can’t help but find yourself agreeing with the lyrics: “There’s got to be another way.”

It can’t be denied that Laura Nox’s intense and politically inclined debut is a bold start to her solo career, but it bodes well for her future and success is sure to follow given the strength of  her first single, ‘Save A Little Love’. This mysterious Swedish songstress is undeniably on to a winner with this one; people are sure to be saving a little love for her after hearing this intense hit for the first time.

Laura Nox’s debut single, ‘Save A Little Love’ is out now and available for purchase. Watch the music video below, or listen on SoundCloud. To see other artists that The Edge have introduced this year, check out our Spotify Playlist.


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