“A lot of people have had difficulty pronouncing and spelling our name, sometimes even ourselves!” – An interview with Castafiore


Edgetival is this Thursday, and our headliners are Southampton’s Castafiore. I had a chat with them about how they got their name, their influences and what’s coming up in the future for them!

When/how you guys meet and decide to start playing music together? 

Me and the drummer (James) have been friends for a long time, and played in bands before this one (such as the equally ridiculously named kettle full of acid). I was introduced to Dave (bassist) through a mutual friend in college and since our first jam we haven’t stopped playing music with eachother! Our lead singer Harris was a solo acoustic act and a friend of ours before we started this band, and we asked him to join once we’d started getting things off of the ground.

How did you come up with your name? 

Both Jack and James are big fans of the Tin Tin comics and within those comics is a character called Bianca Castafiore. It was coming up to our first gig and we hadn’t decided on a final name so we settled on that one as it was so different. Ironically since then a lot of people have had difficulty pronouncing and spelling our name, sometimes even ourselves! Haha 

What would you say your influences are? 

We draw a wide range of influence from many artists but some that really stand out for us are The Black Keys, Queens of the Stone Age, Thee oh sees, Eagles of Death Metal and The specials. That said, it is really hard for us to categorise where in the genre spectrum the music we make lives – as we don’t like to be confined to a certain style.

When you’re not recording music or playing gigs, what are you up to?

Working mostly, although we’re not afraid to party. 

What’s coming up for you guys? 

We’re playing a show at Winchester Football Club on the 31st of March, and have a couple of other gigs over the coming months. Mostly we’ll be focusing on trying to get out our second release, but this is the first one we’re recording all ourselves so expect to hear exciting things on our soundcloud in the near future! 


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