“Whatever style you think we are, let’s go with that. We just hope people dig it” – An interview with Music and Medicine


Ahead of their appearance at Edgetival, I talked with Music and Medicine about their ideal venue and line-up, and if they have any hidden talents…

Where did your name come from?

Settling on a band name is hard. Music and Medicine was a line form a song I was digging at the time, ‘Oh Comely’ by a band called Neutral Milk Hotel. Our drummer Charlie thought it could work as a name, and the more we’ve lived with it the more natural it’s felt.

Music and Medicine is also kind of a shout out to mental illness. I (Ben: vocals-guitar) live with bipolar disorder so lots of the songs lyrically revolve around mental illness. It couldn’t be a more ideal name really, spread a good tune and a bit of hope and awareness along with it, why not.

What would be your ideal venue and line-up?

Venue wise, I’ve heard Brixton Academy has a pretty sweet sound, festivals would obviously be sick. Music is harder. We all have very different tastes but I (Ben- vocals/guitar) will have a go at guessing each band members ideal band, and they can refute it afterwards if they wish, or not.

Charlie – Micheal Jackson
Will – Craig David
Max – Audioslave
Ben – Nirvana

I think Micheal Jackson would headline. I know every band says Nirvana but Jackson did kick it pretty good.

Favourite song?

Another hard one, we have a very varied taste, and favourite songs are constantly changing ay. ‘Perth’ by Bon Iver is up there right now. Our first singles ‘Waves’ and ‘Another Week’ are pretty sweet also (videos available online go check them out 😉

How would you describe yourselves for anyone who hasn’t heard your music?

I would say we are a moody energetic rock band with hints of punk, grunge and other genres. To be honest whatever style you think we are, let’s go with that. We just hope people dig it.

Have any of you got any hidden talents, party tricks?

Im pretty good at drinking my self silent, not talking for a few hours then heading out on solo pizza missions, but that’s about it haha.

Catch them at Edgetival this Thursday!


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