“I loved doing Share the Sound last year – I did it with my band, Circumstances, and this year I’m back doing my own stuff, which is really exciting” – An interview with Sarah Newell


Share the Sound festival, run by University of Southampton music students, took place on 10-11 March. The festival showcases up and coming local talent and I was able to have a chat with a few of the acts just before the festival began. In this interview, I caught up with Bristol & Southampton-based singer-songwriter Sarah Newell, who was the first act to play at the festival.

What inspired you to become an artist?

I’ve always loved singing and then just kind of, went to university and I was actually a classical singer, but I love Southampton University’s department because it’s so versatile

-Oh, so you go to Southampton University?

Yeah, I go to Southampton Uni and it kind of pushed me to experiment, so I got into pop-singing and it kind of grew from there, and I started writing my own songs this year

So, who are your music influences?

Adele I’d say, partially, and then some more like ‘speaking-singing’ people, like I love Kate Nash as well, what she does, and yeah, I listen to everyone

What’s been the most exciting part of being an artist so far?

I loved doing Share the Sound last year – I did it with my band, Circumstances, and this year I’m back doing my own stuff, which is really exciting. But yeah, I loved doing that and I played at a festival in Bristol as well, which was really exciting

What festival was that?

It’s called Frampton Fest.

Do you have any exciting plans for the immediate future in music, or are you going to continue studying at the university and develop it from there?

I’m currently working on getting an album together, hopefully. A solo album, and all my originals, hopefully, is the plan and then getting that released on social media. I have a Facebook page and a Youtube channel. It’s not got that much on at the moment, but I’m hoping with originals coming up that they’ll be released on there

Have you released any EP or singles so far?

No, but I’ve just started recording one in the studio, so it’s going to be out in the near future and will be released on all social media, including Soundcloud

Final question, Sarah, what do you like to do that’s non-music related?

A lot of dance, but that’s kind of music-related as well! But I do a lot of dancing and yeah, my life is very music-based and just, I’d say I do Contemporary Dance Society and just doing societies at uni


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