Introducing: Honeymoons


A new project based on the south coast of England, Honeymoons describe themselves as ‘sadly uplifting dream pop’, and promise an entrancingly intimate musical experience. Comprised of George Appleton on vocals and guitar, Archie Sargeant on drums and Mike Evans on bass, Honeymoons began as a solo recording project. The material thus far is a raw manifestation of the inner workings of frontman George, but the band will now endeavour to perform and record material collaboratively, complimenting each other musically whilst still maintaining the personal root which sparked the original concept.

The band’s humble intent is that their listeners focus purely on their sound and the feelings which it invokes, so as to maintain the authenticity of their material. The band are releasing two new singles this month (April); so be sure to expect a celebration and exploration of love, romance and nostalgia in its varying forms.

The vibrant and uplifting feel of the singles will appeal to any Whitney fans, whilst the song-writing is influenced by an assortment of genres and artists; namely Homeshake, Frank Ocean and Mac De Marco. The B-side, ‘Los Angeles’, is a nostalgic rehash of happy memories spent in LA, whilst A-side, ‘Banff’, is a love song for the beautiful Canadian town. This is chilled out funk-pop at its finest, as the band create a sound which is simultaneously light-hearted and soulful due to the intrinsically personal themes, with lyrics such as ‘I don’t know where I come from’. Each single is feel-good, eclectic and sure to make your heart sing and dance.

The passion the band has for this project is undeniable, and is emulated by their ambitious plans. Already with future recording and touring plans, Honeymoons are keen to put their music out there. First up on their touring schedule was The Winchester in Bournemouth on 17th March, where they fulfilled a dream of supporting Surfer Blood, who travelled from Florida. Beyond this, the band plan to tour parts of the UK including Southampton, Brighton, Oxford and London. In the last few weeks they have done two local gigs in and near Southampton.

Any updates to their recording and touring process are accessible via the band’s Instagram and Facebook, and their music can also be found on Soundcloud.

Below is a taster of new track, ‘Los Angeles’; close your eyes, open your ears and prepare yourself for a dreamy escape.




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