Chris Traeger’s Top Tips for Mental Wellbeing


Hi there! Pawnee City Manager Chris Traeger here, and I literally could not be more thrilled to talk to you today. I’ve been asked by the wonderful human beings at The Edge to share my top tips for mental wellbeing – something which I feel extremely passionate about. If, like me, you struggle with the demons of your mind, here’s five things you can do to brighten your day, Chris Traeger style!

Eat Healthily

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I am a huge believer that root vegetables are nature’s very own candy. Eat some fruit and veg and feel energised to face the day! Grisly meats, fats and sugars will leave you as glum as Ron Swanson locked in a room with – well, me! Though, on behalf of my brilliant and talented colleague, Leslie Knope, I can confirm that waffles officially count as one of your five day under Pawnee law.

Get some exercise!

If I keep my body moving and my mind occupied at all times, I will always avoid falling into a bottomless pit of despair. It doesn’t have to be a long exercise session – a half marathon a day followed by a good three mile swim does me – but getting outside is good for the soul! Fill your lungs with fresh air, cleanse your body of toxins and end up looking as fantastic as me at the same time.

Compliment your friends!

I work with literally the best people on the planet, who also happen to be my best friends. Spread the love and you’ll get it back – you would not believe the rush I get from telling Jerry he’s an intelligent, beautiful, charismatic superhero, even if it’s a complete lie. Don’t be afraid to lean on your friends either. Recognise that, if your best friend takes to making claymation videos, it’s probably a cry for help.

Talk to someone!

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As some of you may know, I see my personal therapist Dr. Richard Nygard an average of fifteen times a week. On a day that I particularly feel like dying inside, I spend a mere four or five hours talking it over with Dr. Richard Nygard, and literally always come out feeling better. He holds my life in his hand like a fragile little bird. But opening up to inspired wise men like Dr. Richard Nygard isn’t always easy; it’s okay to talk to your doctor, or your colleagues, or your friends. Talking to April is a 100% not recommended.

Go into life with a positive mindset!

Embrace a positive mentality and you’ll find your day brightening before you know it! Take writing this article – it’s literally been the highlight of my day. My final message – turn your look outwards. If you’re feeling miserable, think what you can do for your friends, or even strangers. You’ll find yourself feeling better before you know it.

Chris x


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