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With their 10 year celebration show and Community Festival fast approaching, it only feels right to count down The Wombats’ top 5 songs. Since their formation in 2003, they have had a huge amount of memorable releases, probably down to the fact that their style is so unique. With three albums and a couple of EPs, it’s hard to choose…so here are my personal favourites.

5. ‘Moving To New York’ (A Guide to Love, Loss & Desperation)

Now a song about moving might not be exactly groundbreaking in the charts, but this is just such a classic Wombats song. It’s upbeat, fun, and spirited. It doesn’t just stick to one structure, it takes you along on this energetic journey.

 4. ‘1996’ (A Modern Glitch)

Another hugely catchy song, but also one which we can all resonate with as the technological generation (“We kiss with one eye on our TV set/ And the more I give, the less I get.”). This song recognises the modern world we live in, with an air of nostalgia to it. I have a strong bias towards it, 1996 being my birth year, and also because it mentions Dolly the Sheep who I’m sure we all remember learning about in GCSE biology. ‘1996’ is definitely a song I’m looking forward to seeing live.

3. ‘Your Body is a Weapon’ (Glitterbug)

Another song to discuss modern culture. Front man Murph told NME that the idea for the song came about after he saw “Conor Styles” (he meant Harry) being harassed by the paparazzi, leading him to feel sorry for him. It’s proof that The Wombats are consistent in their work, even if most of their songs feature lovelorn lyrics. Not to mention it’s a great music video.

 2. ‘Techno Fan’ (A Modern Glitch)

Another upbeat song with a brilliant hook, detailing a druggy night in an East London trendster club – what’s not to love.

1. ‘Let’s Dance to Joy Division’ (A Guide to Love, Loss & Desperation)

Come on, how could this not be Number 1 – it’s their most memorable and definitely one of their best. It’s been 10 years since its release and it’s still so unforgettable. It’s irony in abundance and a song which fills me with nostalgia. Not to mention it won the NME Award for Best Dancefloor Filler in 2008.

The Wombats will be playing Community Festival in Finsbury Park on July 1st. Get your tickets here.


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