“I’m not about warm bread” – An Interview With Jack and Josh from Wild Front


How are you? Are you nice and dry and warm?

No – well we’re not too bad, just a bit muddy – we just played. It was very rainy, and then we walked over here, but it’s okay! It’s just part of a festival, isn’t it?
What’s been your favourite thing about the festival season? Because you of course released your latest single before Glastonbury, you had Glastonbury after that…
We released the main single from the EP just before Glastonbury, the EP came out shortly after, but Glastonbury was amazing. I think it was just like because it was Glastonbury, having a slot at BBC Introducing which is prestigious. We’d never been, let alone played, so we were buzzing. All the festivals have been so different, I think it’s really hard to pinpoint our favourite. We loved Community Festival in London, that was probably one of our favourites.
And the line-up was incredible!
Insane! It was so good! Catfish [and the Bottlemen] were headlining, Slaves- we saw them at 2000 Trees headlining and they were just so entertaining. That was my other favourite. I really liked Boardmasters as a festival, the line-up was just so different, Isle of Wight was great. That was so long ago now, it was the first one we did and the biggest stage we played on this summer. It’s our first summer as a band, really, we got together the summer before but we were just writing and getting the set together. It’s just been the best thing ever, really.
It feels like ever since you played your first show, we’ve not stopped hearing about you which is amazing! And Radio 1 have given you so much support as well.
Yes, they played one of our singles on Boxing Day and then when we got announced for Glastonbury they played ‘Physics’. BBC Introducing have been so supportive, a lot of what we got has probably been from the amount of radio play and support they gave us.
Have you found that it’s been hard to get radio play and coverage outside of that?
Yeah, definitely. It’s hard to find stations who are interested, even getting on to Radio 2, Radio 6, it’s so hard, I think there’s just so many people vying for it, even if you’ve got a manager or whatever it’s still tough.
And now it’s so easy to be an artist.
Yeah, everyone does it. We do all our recording from home, we just do everything there because it’s cheap and so much easier. Anyone can do it now.
What did you think about Common People this year?
The line-up for the Uncommon Stage was all completely new, and I like that they get a new load of artists because that stage is so vital for emerging artists. I’d love to go back there next year or the year after and get a better slot than we probably would have done this year.
The last two years I haven’t been at Common People but all of my friends go and I get some intense FOMO.
It’s like a mini Festival, isn’t it!
And it looks so good, the line-up is always fantastic. Who’s your favourite artist that you’ve seen this weekend, or anyone you’re looking forward to seeing?
We only got here about an hour before we played, but Loyle Carner if we were to be here – we’re not sure if we’re staying all weekend. We did see Disney Rascal though! It was amazing, we were walking to our stage and just heard ‘Can You Feel The Love Tonight’. They were funky, reggae, but dip into other bits – like The Skints!
What’s your favourite venue in Southampton?
I kind of cut my teeth gigging in Southampton at The Talking Heads, I’ve got a lot of love for those guys. Or The Joiners – I think that’s why I like it so much because in my own band, we went for five or six years and we were always there.
As you’re both vegans – what’s your favourite type of hummus? If you could only have one type.
The thing is, I always feel like I have to go for the full fat ones, I can’t skimp out. Unless it’s the Sainsbury’s normal one, I can do that, or M&S extra olive oil. I’ve also got into peri peri.
What’s your favourite thing to dip in hummus?
Pitta, a chopped pitta.
Do you like it soft and warm or crispy?
I like it crisp on the outside and soft on the inside. I’m not about warm bread.
Listen to Wild Front’s single 2 ‘Views’ while thinking about how great hummus is below: 

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