Introducing: Bishop


Up and coming singer Bishop has a diverse background. She was born in London, schooled in Tokyo and Hong Kong and is now pursuing her singing career in L.A. after having been discovered singing in a small bar.

Like her background, Bishop’s music is not only diverse but unique too. Her debut song ‘Wild Horses’ starts off with a beautiful acoustic sound and delicate vocals which remind me of singer Daughter. If it had stopped there, Bishop’s success would be very probable, likely even. However, to my (pleasant) surprise the song builds into a trip-hop banger. This unexpected blend of soft acoustics and electronic sounds makes for an intoxicating and addictive musical experience, and once you hear it you will probably have it on repeat.

Bishop’s second song ‘River’ is similarly edgy and catchy. However, it’s a lot punchier and it features stratospheric vocals from the singer. ‘River’ will have you out of your seat in no time and the song’s hook – “Shut your mouth and run me like a river” – will have you loudly singing along. In many ways, ‘River’ reminded me a lot of ‘Sail’ by AWOLNATION or ‘Too Close’ by Alex Clare with its bold electronic elements and strong vocals.  However, the fact that ‘River’ is sung by a woman gives it a unique and exciting addition to this kind of sound, which we’re arguably a lot more used to hearing. And even though these are the only two songs available from Bishop right now, it’s not surprising that she has already received a lot of attention. The singer has already had her song ‘Wild Horses’ featured in a commercial and the song has gone viral on Spotify, reaching number 3 on the streaming service’s own ‘Viral 50 Global’ playlist.


‘River’ and ‘Wild Horses’ are currently available to stream on Spotify and purchase on iTunes now.



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