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Modern Baseball are a Philadelphia based emo/punk four piece. Formed originally by the band’s co-lead singers and guitarists, Brendan and Jake (drummer Sean and bassist Ian later joined), the band have released two full length albums and four EPs, and with album three on the way. What better time to introduce you to one of America’s best and, to a real extent, undiscovered punk bands?

In the recent ’emo revival’ in the American punk-rock scene, Modern Baseball provide an accessible and fun but intimate and personal sound, one which has seen them capture the hearts of their loyal fans. 2012 debut album Sports is a raw and grounded album, one which sees the band cover the topics of typical college life on songs such as ‘Tears Over Beers’ and the ensuing mundanity of it all with songs like ‘Re-Do’. Early big hitter ‘The Weekend’ is a highlight of the album and combines the two elements of the album, it’s both a great party anthem and a personal track and remains a fan favourite and live staple. But the band aren’t afraid to be a little melancholic as seen on the excellent ‘Hours Outside In The Snow’, a calmer song among the goofy joy, and closing track ‘Coals’ is an acoustic piece which packs a real gut punch in it’s lyrics – “I’m alright and I’m always getting better”. The band don’t shy away from how they feel and it just makes them all the more endearing.

Their 2014 sophomore album, You’re Gonna Miss It All, again provides the goofy punk tunes in abundance whilst still retaining the soul-baring lyrics which really endear you to the band. The album features some bouncy, punk songs like ‘Rock Bottom’ and ‘Apartment’, stirring up joy with rousing choruses. However ‘The Old Gospel Choir’ flips the tone and showcases Modern Baseball’s excellent lyrics – “Sharp as a tack, but in the sense that you’re not smart, just a prick”, they cut surprisingly deep. ‘Two Good Things’ and ‘Pothole’ continue to show just how emotive and powerful the band can be, the former is an excellent song about how singer Jake is frustrated with failure and how he struggles with life, wondering “Who could make a better me than me”. But lead single ‘Your Graduation’ has become the band’s signature song, it provides an uplifting punk sound with, again, the intimate and heartfelt lyrics.

With their popularity on the rise, the band released their EP Mobo Presents: The Perfect Cast EP Featuring Modern Baseball (a bit of a mouthful, yes). The EP showcases a heavier, darker, grungier and more emotional side of Modern Baseball than we’ve ever seen before; songs such as ‘The Waterboy Returns’ and ‘…And Beyond’ are brisker and a little more upbeat whilst still being deeply emotional. However the true shining moments come in the form of the lead single ‘The Thrash Particle’, a heavy and emotive tearjerker, and ‘Alpha Kappy Fall of Troy the Movie Part Deux’ again a heavier song with equally as emotive lyrics and a vibe akin to early Foo Fighters as the song crescendos into a tailor made mosh pit anthem. A stunningly emotional EP.

With new album Holy Ghost set for release in May, the band are set to continue on into what many are claiming could be this generation’s Blink-182. New songs ‘Everyday’ and ‘Apple Cider, I Don’t Mind’ have already been a hit with fans and the album will surely be one of the best and, more importantly, emotionally investing albums of the year.

One thing is for certain, Modern Baseball aren’t a band to sleep on, be sure to look out for them in the future.



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