Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare teaser trailer unveiled


Today the next installment in the best selling first person shooter franchise, Call of Duty was leaked, unveiling the it’s title, Advanced Warfare,  along with none other than a motion capture Kevin Spacey! The House of Cards star, provides a threatening monologue, teasing (yet another…) plot for world domination, revealing the film and TV actor to take a lead role in the upcoming shooter as the main villain.

Hot on the heels of rival first person shooter (FPS), Titanfall‘s innovative and seamless incorporation of Mech-Suits into FPS gameplay, Call Of Duty devellopers, Sledgehammer are quick to play catch up as the trailer reveals advanced military commandos sporting exosuits very reminiscent of those worn in Neill Blomkamp’s most recent sci-fi thriller Elysium, starring Matt Damon. The trailer appears to promise the usual Michael Bay-esque blockbuster solo campaign with explosions aplenty, but now with the added benefits of a vast array of futuristic gadgetry. Other notable moments include a first person wall climbing abilities similar to those seen in Mirror’s Edge and high adrenaline battle atop Humvees. Staple tropes such as drone warfare remain, whilst it’s clear that from the trailer that developers hope the addition of superhuman powers provided by sci-fi inspired battle gear will reinvigorated their tried and tested formula.

Suitably titled Advanced Warfare; the moniker also recalls previous developers, Infinity Ward’s beloved Modern Warfare, perhaps hinting at an attempt to breathe new life into franchise like the latter game. Whether or not many of the showcased elements will actually be incorporated into gameplay or just be present as mere cutscene spectacle, however, is another question. For now I can certainly say Call of Duty fans will surely be satisfied by this action-packed and bombastic tease.


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