The Edge Buzz: Gaga 101 and ‘Two and a Half Expendables’


It has been an eclectic couple of weeks in entertainment land. From the mildly significant to the downright outlandish, THE EDGE Buzz trawls through the latest showbiz news presenting it to you on an easily-digestible smörgåsbord of pop culture…


Ever wondered why Ozzy Osbourne is the way he is? Well, a research company in the U.S. certainly did as they undertook a genetic mapping of the former Black Sabbath front-man. Their results revealed that Ozzy carries thousands of variants that have never been seen by scientists before. As well as that, the rather bizarre study showed that genetically Osbourne can trace his lineage back to Neanderthal man. Oh, so that’s why he’s barely comprehensible most of the time.

Students at the University of South Carolina will soon be able to study a degree module centred completely on Lady Gaga. ‘Lady Gaga and The Sociology of The Fame’ will be taught by Professor Mathieu Deflem, who claims that he’s seen the eccentric popstar live nearly thirty times. Now that’s what I call die hard fandom. The course will analyse Gaga as a social event and, considering she has 10 million followers on Facebook and 6 million on Twitter, the course does seem justified. But I wonder what the essay questions would be. Perhaps, “What are the sociological implications of wearing meat?”, “Analyse the effects created of having a telephone as a hat?” or “How exactly does one bluff with a muffin?”

I find it difficult to envisage Spiderman singing and dancing. But that’s exactly what he’ll be doing in a new musical featuring songs written b U2’s Bono and The Edge. Unfortunately, the production, originally set to open on Broadway for previews on November 14th, has been delayed by at least a week for more rehearsals. No news on what the musical numbers will include yet, but perhaps we could expect a romantic sing-song between MJ and the Peter Parker whose hanging upside down, or an end of Act II operatic ballad when the superhero runs out of web. However, all of this might be undermined by the fact that Spiderman’s mask will muffle his singing.


Even though The Expendables was, considering the extensive action man cast that had been assembled, rather boring and severely lacking in a sense of humour, Sly Stallone wants to have another bash. And he’s offered Charlie Sheen a role in the sequel as a CIA agent in pursuit of the Bruce Willis character from the first film. Sheen’s casting might lend some much-needed humour to the sequel and could save The Expendables 2 from reviewing itself, like the first did.

Question marks this week as to whether Bond will be back for his next action-fuelled adventure in 2012, following MGM’s bankruptcy and subsequent merger with Spyglass Entertainment. With distribution rights still up for grabs, and Daniel Craig busy with other projects (including the English language remake of The Girl with The Dragon Tattoo), the production could be shaken and stirred for a few years yet.

And finally, James Cameron has been banging on about 3D again. He has recently blasted films that are retro-fitted in 3D for exhibition (i.e. movies that weren’t originally shot using the technology). A recent example of a film using this process was the dull-as-nuts Clash of The Titans remake. Cameron has said that retro-fitting should be reserved for classic films such as Jaws, Titanic or Indiana Jones. I think I speak for many when I say, “Leave them alone, James!”


BAFTA award-winning drama series Misfits returned for a second series this week. In the first episode, the group of superhero yoofs doing community service, have to contend with a malevolent shapeshifter. A seamless fusion of drama and comedy, the second series looks to have picked up effortlessly from where the first left off and makes for compulsive viewing.


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