Charlie Sheen Collaborates with Snoop Dogg on ‘Winning’


Internet sensation for all the wrong reasons, Charlie Sheen has converted his re-invigorated success into musical experimentation. The 45-year-old actor, whose real name is Carlos Estévez, has collaborated with international hip-hop superstar Snoop Dogg on a song cutely titled ‘Winning’.

Also featured on the recording are glamour model and actress Carmen Electra and former Korn guitarist Rob Patterson, Electra’s fiancé and Sheen’s “musical director”. Released on iTunes on May 10th, ‘Winning’ was recorded in late-March/early-April and revealed when Sheen uploaded a picture of himself, Snoop and Patterson on Twitter.

During recording of the song, Snoop claimed that the group were “making some real classic material”, and described Sheen as a “brilliant guy”. Whether or not the song proves to be any different from the numerous remixes of Sheen’s infamous ABC News interview remains to be seen.

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