Nickelback Complete Album for November Release


Love-them-or-hate-them Canadian rock band Nickelback have completed the recording of their seventh studio album, which will be released worldwide in November this year.

The group, who have been dismissed by many in recent years due to their pop-rock leanings, recorded and produced Here and Now at Mountain View Studios in Vancouver, and will release the record on November 21st. Two singles will precede the album’s release, with ‘Bottoms Up’ and ‘When We Stand Together’ hitting radios on September 26th.

Chad Kroeger and co.’s last album, Dark Horse, was widely criticised by music journalists, with The Guardian claiming that “Nickelback’s music reaffirms every sex-and-stupidity cliché hard rock can offer”. Last year, though, drummer Daniel Adair claimed that the band were to return to the writing and recording style of fifth album All the Right Reasons, which he claimed was “more organic” than that of Dark Horse.

The album release will be followed by a worldwide tour, with UK dates likely in 2012.


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