Grand Theft Auto V Confirmed


Rockstar Games confirmed the next title in their critically acclaimed Grand Theft Auto series today (October 25th). The highly anticipated sequel to 2008’s Grand Theft Auto IV, tentatively titled Grand Theft Auto V, does not yet have a release date, but has been officially confirmed by the company.

Using their official Twitter account, Rockstar Games simply Tweeted “#GTAV” with a link to their website, which now displays a Grand Theft Auto V logo and the text “Trailer 11.02.11”, presumably indicating the release of a trailer for the game on November 2nd. No further details are available yet, but judging from the design of the logo one can assume the game is again to be set in the United States, and not in London as many British fans had hoped.

Rumours and speculation around GTA titles have always been high, but the excitement really began to build up early this year, when an executive from IGN reported that the fifth installment was to be released in 2012. Although no-one from Rockstar confirmed this, the evidence has since been piling up, with today’s announcement the first official word on the existence of the new game.


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