#Tags Release Christmas Song


Local band #Tags today (December 21st) released their first Christmas single, entitled ‘Christmas (I’m Not the One You Want)’. The song has received a lot of attention on Facebook, with listeners hailing the song as a welcome change of pace from the usual festive mainstays.

The music video currently has just under 200 views on YouTube, a number which is expected to increase as Christmas draws nearer and more people are exposed to the song. A funky, cheery number similar to much of the band’s other material, ‘Christmas (I’m Not the One You Want)’ is comical, impressive and festive, featuring the sound of bells throughout. It reminds one of the hit song ‘Some Place New‘ from the band’s first EP Summer, with its simple rhythm, major chords and cheeky vocal harmonies, albeit with the melancholic line at the end of the chorus claiming “I’m not the one you want”.

Featuring lyrics such as “I bought you sexy lingerie/But I didn’t know what size I was s’posed to say” and “I’m not exactly wonderful/But I’m non-refundable”, the song is an enjoyable festive number which puts a new spin on the holiday period. Facebook users have praised the song, calling it “Sheer brilliance”, “Beautiful festive music” and asking “Why isn’t this Christmas number one?”, with one commentator calling #Tags “the saviours of pop music”.

‘Christmas (I’m Not the One You Want)’ by #Tags is available for free download here.


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