Miley reveals new track for film Free The Nipple – listen


Miley Cyrus’ latest offering to the music world has been released – this time it’s a cover of folk track ‘Look What They’ve Done to My Song, Ma’, originally by Melanie Safka.

Released by Safka as ‘What Have They Done to My Song, Ma’ in 1971, Cyrus’ cover is a far cry from the stoner-pop aesthetic that current fans love her for, and instead is reminiscent of her country roots, showcasing her voice at its most powerful.

The single features on the soundtrack for recent film release, Free The Nipple, starring Casey LaBow and Monique Coleman, the latter of whom you might know better as High School Musical’s Taylor McKessie. Directed by Lina Esco, the film tells the story of  women fighting against censorship on female nudity in the US. Esco said, “You can show beheadings on Facebook, but you can’t show breastfeeding. If you’re going to censor nudity and love, you should censor violence.”

Listen to ‘Look What They’ve Done to My Song, Ma’ below.


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