Film round-up: 16/02/2015 – 22/02/2015


This week steers audiences (maybe thankfully) away from the romance of last week. It sees the release of the gritty Indian neo-noir Badlapur, the chase for a potential terrorist hacker in Blackhat, as well as Maidan that documents the 2014 Ukrainian revolution. Audiences can also see Jennifer Aniston’s raw and emotional performance in Cake. Read the full list of releases below.

Daryl Hall and John Oates: Recorded Live in Dublin brings to the screen the duo’s concert, captured live from Dublin’s Olympia Theatre. Aside from their performance, the film will feature exclusive behind the scenes footage and interviews with Hall and Oates.

Badlapur is an Indian neo-noir crime drama. Fifteen years prior to its setting, Raghu’s wife and son are killed in a robbery. After finding out who pulled the trigger, the darkly violent film unravels as Raghu seeks out those who took everything away from him, and hopes to get revenge.

Directed, written and produced by Michael Mann is crime thriller BlackhatAfter a hacker causes a nuclear plant to explode and threatens to do more damage to both China and the U.S. the release of a man convicted of computer crimes, Nick Hathaway, is ordered. Hathaway is required by the FBI and the Chinese government to track down the hacker, and the film becomes an exploration of what is at stake when everything is as interconnected as computers allow it to be.

Cake stars Jennifer Aniston as Claire, in a role like none before. Following the suicide of Nina, a girl from Claire’s pain support group, she becomes obsessed with the event and tracks down Nina’s husband. Events become more complicated when Claire begins to see a lot more of Nina’s husband, and Nina’s ghost appears. Cake centres on Claire’s attempts to cope with her own pain and problems, with the added complication of Nina’s presence.

The Duke of Burgundy is an erotic drama that focuses on the dom/sub relationship between Evelyn, a butterfly professor, and Cynthia. It documents the power play between the two as Cynthia pulls Evelyn’s strings, feeding both of their desires. The film explores human sexuality free of judgement, set apart from society in Cynthia’s house.

Kumiko, The Treasure Hunter is an American drama based around the urban legend surrounding the death of Takako Konishi. With a hand-stitched treasure map and a quixotic spirit, a young Woman embarks on a journey across the Pacific to uncover a purported fortune.

Kung Fu Killer, a Kung fu action drama, see a vicious assasin targeting Hong Kong’s top martial arts exponents. When convicted killer and Kung fu expert – played by the legendary Donnie Yen – hears of these murders he offers to help police catch the killer in return for his freedom.

Maidan, a documentary by Sergei Loznitsa which takes a look at the progress of the civil uprising which took place in Kiev Ukraine against the regime of president Yanukovych in the winter of 2013.

Action drama starring Ethan Hawke and Sarah Snook, Predestination follows the journey of a legendary Temporal Agent on the final time-travelling mission of his career whereby he attempts to destroy an elusive criminal who has so far eluded him throughout time.

Project Almanac, a group of friends come across the plans to build a time machine which in succeeding to build they proceed to use for their own personal gain. But when their futures begin to fall apart before them they realise they must go back and prevent the time machine ever coming into existence.

The Wedding Ringer: a feel-good romantic-comedy starring Kevin Hart (Get Hard) and Josh Gad (New Girl). Doug, socially awkward groom-to-be, finds himself in bit of a fix when two weeks before his wedding he still has no best man. Under pressure, Doug resorts to hiring a fake best man from Best Man Inc. a company promising to provide the most socially flattering best man for a socially challenged groom in need.


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