Film round-up: 23/02/2015 – 01/03/2015


With February drawing to a close, the stresses of mid-semester assignments calls for a well-deserved break and fortunately enough this week’s film releases offer a rejuvenating escape whatever your taste in film. For those thrill-seekers amongst you, The Boy Next Door is bound to keep you gripped, or if you’re a firm believer that laughter is the best medicine, consider taking a trip back to The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel. Will Smith-starring crime-drama, Focus is also released this week..  So give your brain a rest and get down to the cinema; there’s something for everyone.

Backstreet Boys: Show ‘Em What You’re Made Of, an exclusive behind-the-scenes experience with one of America’s best loved boyband’s. In this documentary filmmaker Stephen Kijack takes viewers on a journey to witness the difficulties faced when a boy band suddenly becomes a group of grown men and to see how the five once record breaking stars overcame the consequences of this reality. 

Judi Dench, Maggie Smith and Bill Nighy return to India in this hilariously uplifting comedy drama, The Second Best Exotic Marigold Hotel. Sonny is looking to expand his unique hotel business while keeping to the demands of a traditional Indian wedding meanwhile there is a new arrival on the scene played by the beloved rom-com actor Richard Gere, whose character will undoubtedly cause a stir amongst returning guests both onscreen and off.

Vulnerability leads to mistakes and mistakes have consequences. But what happens when you can’t escape those consequences? What do you do when you can’t escape The Boy Next Door?  From Universal Pictures comes an intoxicating thriller starring Jennifer Lopex and Ryan Guzman, a gripping tale of lust, blackmail and obsession.

Catch Me Daddy, in this haunting new thriller teenage Laila and her boyfriend, in hiding from Laila’s family in the temporary sanctity of the Yorkshire moors, face the longest night of their lives when her brother and a group of hired thugs locate the helpless couple forcing them to flee for their lives.

Based on a true story, A Dark Reflection depicts the events which led to the unearthing a conspiracy dating back to the 1950’s. When journalist Helen Eastman begins to investigate the in-flight safety incident known as Flight 313, she unearths a well-orchestrated pattern of denial and discovers JASP Airlines to be launching planes technically unsafe for flight.

Starring Will Smith is this week’s comic crime film Focus. It follows con man Nicky (Will Smith), a man who always finds a way to get what he wants, until femme fatale Jess enters the scene and shakes things up.

Hinterland is written by, directed by, and stars Harry MacQueen. It tells the story of the old relationship between MacQueen and his old friend Lola as her return provokes a British roadtrip down memory lane. What evolves is a touching story of self-discovery and heartbreak.

It Follows is a chilling horror that centres on 19 year-old Jay. After a seemingly innocent sexual encounter, Jay is left with the plagued feeling of being followed that cannot be shaken. The thriller follows Jay as she attempts to shake the follower by passing them onto someone else.

The Tales of Hoffman is the re-release of the recorded 1951 opera of the same name. The fantasy opera follows the musings of a melancholy poet as he reflects on three lost lovers: a performing doll, a Venetian courtesan and the daughter of a celebrated composer.

White God follows 13 year-old Lili as she moves away from her mother’s to live with her father, with her dog Hagen. Due to the state laws on mixed-breed dogs, Lili’s father turns him out onto the street and he is taken in by the pound. In an uprising against the humans the dogs serve as an interesting likeness to an organised army, and Lili’s search for her beloved Hagen continues.


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