Hozier releases video for ‘Someone New’ – watch


Hozier has just released the new video for his latest single ‘Someone New’.

The video follows on from the chart topping success of his first release, ‘Take Me To Church’. The new video features Game of Thrones and The Hunger Games star Natalie Dormer. The video sees Dormer on a night out and cuts between her actual night and her imagination.

Speaking of her involvement Dormer said: “It was a joy to be a part of the ‘Someone New’ video, which for me explores the struggle in all our heads between the real and imaginary; it plays with ideas of how loneliness and isolation are two different things and the weight or lightness we can attach to loving another person.”

Hozier added: “I was thrilled to be able to work with Natalie Dormer on this project. She’s an actress of incredible talent and intelligence, and a joy to work with. It was also a pleasure being able to work with my brother, Jon Hozier-Byrne and David Reilly of Stoneface Films on the treatment, and the fantastic director Anthony Byrne.”

The brothers have worked together on previous videos, including Hozier’s breakout hit ‘Take Me to Church’, but Jon Hozier-Byrne feels that the involvement of bigger names and studios hasn’t dampened their creative edge. “I’ve only served as a consultant of sorts on his previous videos, this is the first time that David Reilly or I have had a hand in writing a video for him,” Hozier-Byrne says. “With that said, working with Andrew hasn’t changed much. His studio seems to really get what he’s about, and support him presenting narratives that challenge people, or that propose a feminist or pro-LGBT viewpoint. As for the actors and directors, I have to say, they were a blast to work with. Natalie and Anthony are staggeringly talented people, and it was a humbling experience watching them bring our idea to life.”

‘Someone New’ is available to download now on iTunes.


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