Nostalgic News: Marley & Me released six years ago today


The classic, heart-warming (yet simultaneously tear-shredding) adaptation to John Grogan’s autobiographical book, Marley & Me, hit cinema screens in the UK six years ago today, when it was released on the 11th March 2009.

The film, directed by David Frankel, follows the life of John (Owen Wilson) and wife Jenny (Jennifer Anniston) during their eventful time with the overly loveable Labrador, Marley, with a talent for mischief.

The story depicts the hardships of starting a family, the ups and downs of life and all the while attempting to train a boisterous dog you cannot help but adore.

Arguably having one for the most iconic and heart-wrenching finales, Marley & Me will forever remain a family classic with its light humour and relatable storyline.

Revisit the film below by watching its trailer.


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