Disney to ban smoking in films


Smoking has been banned from all future films rated PG-13 or below by Disney.

Productions from Marvel, LucasFilm and Pixar will also uphold this ban.

Speaking during a meeting with shareholders, Disney CEO Bob Iger said: “we are extending our policy to prohibit smoking in movies across the board.” Upon being questioned by shareholder Stanton Glantz (one of the founders of American’s for Nonsmokers’ Rights) as to the raising of the certificate of all films depicting smoking to R (UK 18), Iger stated that he could not make such a decision, but agreed that smoking in films available to minors is a “serious issue.”

Smoking will not be banned from all films, however. In films that depict smoking as a cultural or historic background of a real-life figure, such as an upcoming depiction of Abraham Lincoln, the ban will not apply.



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