Angelina Jolie wanted by Marvel


Following reports of two female writers being found for Captain Marvel, news is coming in through Collider that Angelina Jolie is being considered to direct Captain Marvel.

Following the Oscar bait-y but critically underwhelming Unbroken starring Jack O’Connell in a male heavy war film, it would be a creative change for Jolie. She had been in line to direct Africa this summer with Brad Pitt, although rumour has it that funding has fallen through on the project.

Jolie as director could be great for the studio; a name director like Jolie would convince outlier markets to turn up to a superhero film, especially when the character is relatively niche. Additionally, it would strike a strong blow for women in the entertainment industry.

At this time nothing is certain, and it may be nothing more than a phase in the search.

Captain Marvel is planned to arrive in 2018.


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