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The new Fantastic 4 clip offers a quick glimpse of Toby Kebbell’s Doctor Doom, and provides a more detailed look at the group adapting to the powers they receive after teleporting to an alternate universe.

Kate Mara’s Sue Storm is seen getting to grips with her new invisibility and force field abilities, as Michael B Jordan’s Johnny Storm tries to control his flame. As with a lot of Marvel reboots, Daredevil and The Amazing Spiderman, Fantastic 4  appears to be slightly more gritty and though still child friendly perhaps a lot more emotional.

The clip also shows a clear look at Jamie Bell’s The Thing which, rather than a make up and a suit as with Michael Chiklis’ The Thing, is now created through CGI, while Miles Teller’s Reed Richards feels guilty after his problematic expedition, declaring that he “just wants to fix” his friends.

 The upcoming movie re-envisions classic Marvel Comics villain Doctor Doom as an anti-social programmer who turns evil, and he is no longer referred to as Victor Von Doom, but Victor Domashev. Some of us though are still wondering if he’ll have a pre-existing relationship with Sue Storm as with the 2005 film with Jessica Alba and the comic series. Thankfully however they’ve made full use of the wonderful universe of Marvel and the research team are looking into cross-dimensional travel rather than cosmic energy.

Directed by Josh Trank and produced by Matthew Vaughn, Fantastic Four will be released on 6th August in the UK and 7th August in the US.


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  1. George Seabrook on

    I really like the look of this. There have been SO many trailers in the last week, so this one will probably be forgotten, but I’ve been on board for a while. The cast is great, Josh Trank and Simon Kinberg have done great things for sci-fi so far, so I’m ready to see this interpretation of the Fantastic Four. I do think that the shying away from Victor Von Doom being VON DOOM is a bit lame though.

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